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Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedic Surgery to Ensure Your Body Stays

Strong After Injury

When you suffer a severe injury during physical activity, swift and astute medical treatment is
necessary. To determine what the best way to heal and improve is, you should always work with
a board-certified sports medicine orthopedic surgeon like Yasmin Dhar, MD. While treatment
varies greatly depending on the nature of your injury, in some cases orthopedic surgery may be
the best or only option for proper healing. Here are a few common surgeries we’re asked to


If you suffer a joint injury that may require surgery, we will likely use arthroscopy to diagnose
and treat the damage. This is a minimally invasive procedure that allows for a high degree of
precision and accuracy. Apart from injury cases, our orthopedic surgeon can examine
conditions like arthritis that are always affecting the joints like his ankles, knees, shoulders,
wrist, and elbows. After assessment, they can ensure that they offer the best treatment that will
help the patients.

Repair of fractures

It’s very common to suffer a bone fracture while playing sports. Fractures can be treated using
external and internal fixation. During orthopedic surgery, internal fixation can be used to repair
many bone fractures You will also get an examination done on these bones and muscles even
after the surgery to ensure all is well.

Corrective surgery

When you have any condition that affects the alignment of your bones, this surgery will help
ensure that your bones have been corrected. Like all of these surgeries, you want to be sure
you are getting treatment from an orthopedic surgeon you can trust. Yasmin Dhar, MD was
given a Patients’ Choice Award for 2020, and honored as a Top Doctor for 2020 by
NYTopDocs. You can be sure you’re getting the best treatment from her- so call for an
appointment today.

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