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Sports Injury Specialist In Harrison New York

Beneficial Physical Therapy in Harrison, New


When you suffer any sports injury, there are many types of treatments that your personal sports
injury specialist may recommend. These recommendations should be left up to a dedicated
medical professional like Yasmin Dhar, MD. In many cases, we do find that physical therapy is
an integral part of recovery. Here are just a few reasons why it can be so helpful:

It can diminish pain and inflammation

One of the reasons why most sports injury specialists recommend this treatment procedure to
their patients is because it can often diminish pain, tension, and inflammation. When athletes
are experiencing pain from their injuries, focused physical therapy can be the key to unlocking
relief. These exercises activate vital muscular and fascial structures that may have been
inactive or weakened during recovery, carefully and cautiously strengthening them.

It helps prevent and treat any athletic injuries

As a sports injury specialist in Harrison, New York, Dr. Yasmin Dhar will do anything to ensure
that she helps her clients prevent injury during exercise or play. However, accidents do happen,
and Dr. Dhar is also ready to help speed and facilitate recovery. Sometimes paired with a
therapeutic sports injury injection, physical therapy plays a vital role in both prevention and
treatment, targeting fragile or damaged body structures for strengthening and restoration.

It helps the joints and muscles become more flexible

Any athletic person requires a high degree of bodily flexibility to stay active in their sport of
choice. Physical therapy helps you ensure that even after injuries, you can get your flexibility

For all these reasons and more, be sure to make an appointment Yasmin Dhar, MD, if you have
suffered a sports injury or otherwise want to help prevent future damage and pain.

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