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Women’s Sports Injuries Specialist

Conditions That A Sports Medicine Specialist in

New York Should Treat

While exciting and good for encouraging exercise, sports can also be hazardous. Many games
or meets will result in at least one athlete experiencing either minor or major injuries. It’s almost
inevitable that you’ll need treatment from a sports medicine specialist in New York at some

However, men and women do not get the same kind of injuries with the same frequency, nor do
they always benefit from the same treatments. Among other factors, this has a lot to do with the
overall body alignment differences and muscular imbalances that affect women more. You’ll
want to work with someone who understands these differences and accounts for them in a
treatment plan, like Yasmin Dhar, MD. Here at Dr. Dhar’s office, we see people for many
different injuries, but the following are among the most common:

Shoulder dislocation

Shoulder dislocations are more common in men, but cause a great deal of pain and discomfort
in anyone’s body. As a shoulder dislocation specialist, Dr. Dhar can realign your body structures
and assist with any difficulties that arise during your recovery.

Plantar fasciitis

The band of connective tissue that extends from the heel bone along the foot’s sole to your toes
is known as the plantar fascia. Plantar fasciitis is a condition that can result in experiencing pain
under the heel and difficulty in moving different parts of your foot, and is caused by inflammation
of the fascia.


When you play contact sports, you can easily end up with a fracture. While these are typically
not complex, it’s always best to see a sports medicine specialist to ensure that the fracture is
assessed and healed in a way that will best suit your athletic needs and goals.
Whether you’re seeking a men’s or women’s sports injuries specialist, you can trust in Yasmin
Dhar, MD. An avid athlete herself, Dr. Dhar understands the demands athletes place upon their
bodies and works to help them recover from injury in a safe and efficient manner. She treats
patients of all ages and abilities, from professional athletes to eager novices.

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