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IT Band Friction Syndrome


What is IT Band Friction Syndrome?


The iliotibial band lies on the outer side of the knee joint.  It is a large flat band that may cause pain with excessive running activities, especially on uneven terrain.  Usually, there is pain with palpation on the outer aspect of the knee just above the joint line.  Sometimes, a grating noise or sensation may be felt along the outside of the knee with motion.

















How do you treat IT Band Friction Syndrome?


The treatment for IT band friction syndrome consists of diminishing the offending activity, anti-inflammatory medication and stretching the tight iliotibial band.  A cortisone injection can also be helpful if symptoms do not improve. Rarely, for more refractory conditions, surgery to either release or lengthen the IT band may be necessary.


How can I prevent IT Band Friction Syndrome?


The use of good supportive running shoes, stretching, being mindful of your running terrain and the use of orthotics if you have excessively flat feet may also help avoid irritating the IT band insertion on the knee.

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